Monday, 21 February 2011

Battle of the Gladiators

The Green Army
The biggest game of the year for Abergele (The Green Army) as they battled against the mighty bad boys from Rhyl. The Green Army were playing on their home turf hoping to give Rhyl there moneys worth. With a big turn out to the game Abergele did not want to let the fans down. Both teams were fighting hard all through the game to end in a tie 19-19. 
Rhyl came to Abergele thinking that the game was in the bag, only to find that this would be the hardest game of their season so far. The home side were missing a few of their big players due to injuries. They brought some of the seconds up to the plate, giving them a chance to prove that they are worthy of playing with the big boys. Every single player gave it there all especially the new boys played brilliantly, showing that they can compete in a higher level of rugby. Even with tempers starting to fly, the tempo and the game was great probably the best Ive seen all year.

All the photos from the match are on the link please take a look