Thursday, 10 February 2011

A Trip to Paris

An old lady inside her home
A trip to Paris left me shocked at the poverty over there. I could not believe my eyes at the amount of people living on the streets, the pavements, phone boxes even on a round about. every corner I turned their was someone sat on the side begging ask for money for food or a metro ticket, it made me feel sick at first I felt so guilty. I decided to pay them for a photo of them, they were really happy at that. At first I was just doing it to help people, but then after going through my images I realised there was a story behind this. It had it dawned on me that this was showing about the other side of Paris, the life we ignore on a daily basis. I am creating a book to open peoples eyes at the reality of the real word that we choose to ignore, blinded by ourselves. I do not have a title yet but that will develop in time.